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Where’s the Sanctuary

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How to get to the Sanctuary

Baker Woodlot and Rachana Rajendra Neotropical Bird Sanctuary (RRNMBS) is located in the south-central section of the main Michigan State University campus. It is bordered to the north by Service Road, to the west by Farm Lane, to the east by Bogue Street and to the south by the C & O Railroad. The MSU Clinical Center is located immediately east of the Sanctuary.

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There are three entrances to the Sanctuary.  Two can be found evenly spaced along the east fence on Bogue Street and one entrance on Farm Lane: near the northwest corner.  A bike rack is located at each entrance; bikers are encouraged to leave their bicycles secured to the rack before entering the Sanctuary as bikes are not allowed within the enclosed area. Vehicle parking is most readily available on Bogue Street.


Visitors traveling from outside the East Lansing area may obtain driving direction by visiting: http://maps.msu.edu/drivingdirections.html. Maps of the MSU campus can be readily accessed at http://maps.msu.edu/.  Baker Woodlot/RRNMBS can be found at http://maps.msu.edu/interactive/index.php?location=NLID.


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